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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the reason

assalamualaikum :)

it is supposed to be wordless wednesday ehh ? haha but, who cares right ? my blog :D

okayhh , this how the story goes..

aku selalu rasa burden sebab i had a very clever sister, yeahhh it is real so tak perlu nak deny. well, u see being second, i always be compared to my sister, my elder sister. Her results were always better than me :'( it is really sad just to think about that okayhh ! i dont know what i'd done wrong but it is always happened to be that way, she is better than me. her result in UPSR, PMR, and SPM is greater than me. Yeahh, aku tetap bersyukur :) but sometimes just to think about that, that i disappointed my parents, it hurts me badly inside :'(

it turn out that it is no end for me even after school is finished ! i meant, we take different course, she take bio technology, and i'm taking architecture :) she wants to safe the earth, while me, i'm prefer to be a Quantity surveyor , counting money and those things.

but then, things macam lesen, exams. i still can beat her :( its not i wanna beat her that much but to be in the same position that her be, tuh pon payah bagi aku . i'm trying hard not to failed the jpj test okayhhh ! well, it turned out that i had to take it 3 times okayhhh ! owhhh banyak duit keluar tahu ? damn it ! --'

before the jpj test, akak ym ngan aku and asked me why i'm not working today. *owhhh yeahhh aku dah keja ! :D. and aku jawab lah yang aku ade jpj arini. sebab tu aku tak keja semalam dan harini . and she gave me some advice, 'jangan gelabah, be cool, selawat banyakbanyak and DONT PUSH YOURSELF TOO HARD' owhhh akak, if u know that u're the reason it is that hard for me okayhhh :( the feeling when i failed the 1st time while u passed in ur first one !

well, i end that conversation on ym immediately when she asked me why, by gave her a reason that i'm watching how i met your mother while i'm not.

i dont know why i felt like wanna go to her blog, and i found her entry *she asked me to not link back to her blog :D. bace je air mata mengalir :'( yeahhhh aku memang cengeng so what (?) . thanks akak for understand me :') I LOVE YOU FOREVER !

k bye . dah meleleh dah kat idung nih air turun dari mane ntah ! haha


hazirah said...

tanya k.miza what happened yesterday when i wrote those words. i love u okay.but sometimes i have this ego thing going on so i put up those childish acts as a wall. my bad *big sigh

btw can u remove the link? i dont want others to find it. nnt xleh nk whining mcm2 dlm tu, please love *battling eyelashes


seronoknya ada kakak yg pun ada.i do love my sister! <3

munirah said...

akak, done !

iloveyoutooo akak :')

munirah said...

syafiqahsaleh, i love my sis tooo ;)