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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

this is not the end of it


yeayhhh this is not the end of it ! I'll stay strong and faced the reality of I need to be more independent and strong.

Too much laugh, made me realize that there will be dark side where the clouds could appears and covers the sun from giving the light. 

Stay strong and less curse, make du'a :) Seriously kinda disappointed with myself sebab bagi peluang dan ruang untuk syaitan menguasai nafsu dan akal fikiran. I should be more calm and think more or yeayhhh berdoa banyak banyak may Allah gave its best for me. 

lagi banyak ruang yang dibuka, lagi mudah dipengaruhi syaitan :/ keep that in mind mun ! 

last, forgive everyone that had make mistakes with you. We never know if Allah give us a chance tomorrow to live.

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