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Monday, June 13, 2011

ladies day out :)

assalamualaikum :)

last friday, aku and kawan kawan keluar, dah lame doe tak keluar sesama :D haha and we had such a great time even tak tengok movie :D haha duit tak hadoooo lah =,=' haha

well, we're kinda giler kamera banyak sikit lah kot :D haha so here some (?) of it ,

kami, si gigi besi, lisang, small king and me :D 

raja with her lips :D

lislyana, yeah with her lips too :D

faten ja with her gg besi :D babe, u look so damn 'ikhlas' smiling like that :)

me with mountain dew paw enchik tu before g :D

raja and ain, i dont know why but ain wouldnt wanna take a pict of herself :D even tough we're using her phone's camera :D haha

well, to be honest, the whole week were such a boring week, we had some probs regarding add drop of the subject and ect, and i got some personal prob, but yeah.. at the end of the week, it was AWESOME .

and this week (?) i'm trying to atleast make it not a bored week again :D and aku betul betul harap mintak nak rase kelas ade :D

p/s dalam kelas aku, ade 5 orang je perempuan and yang len sume lelaki ! auwww :D haha

p/s/s owhh forgot, i will be damn great our ladies day out if nadia could join us too :D

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