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Monday, January 28, 2013

Lucky. Fate.


What topic should I write about ehh ? there’s A lot, yeayh I really meant A LOT of things buged in this mind of mine. Ahhh, ape pon, mari :)

Kawan mungkin, yup mungkin ?

Mungkin juga takdir ?, ya takdir

Lucky mungkin (?) yup lucky it is.

Lucky ? how do u usually judge how someone’s considered lucky ? by they always got what they want ? by they didn’t failed like you do even they didn’t study ? well it depends on how u define lucky itself.

Sometimes I do envy those lucky girls that can easily asked for money, those who successes in online business, those who seemed to had a perfect family, those who had perfect body. Tak reti bersyukur ke aku (?) mungkin.

“Kami tidak meminta rezeki kepadamu, Kamilah yang memberi rezeki kepadamu. Dan kesudahan yang baik adalah bagi orang bertakwa.” Surah Thahaa : ayat 132

Ayah selalu pesan, rezeki masing-masing. Mungkin hari ini rezeki die mungkin nanti rezeki kita. Mungkin. Allah itu maha Adil, yang berhak dapat pasti dapat. Mungkin dalam bentuk yang tak dapat kita lihat, namun masih juga rezeki

Ramai orang lupa bahawa kesihatan, kebahagiaan, ketenangan itu semua adalah rezeki yang Allah berikan pada kita. Sesuatu yang tidak Nampak dari segi fizikal namun mampu merubah seseorang dari segi mental.

Ada seorang budak u aku, yes bagi aku she seemed to had such a perfect life. I had always wondered what is wrong with her life.  Muka yang cantik, pandai, talented in art, kaya, and her parents are someone who is successful. She seemed so lucky to had a perfect life isn’t ? BUT, she had a down syndrome sibling. I’m not sure whether it is a brother or a sister.  And she can’t achieve her dream to be an architect because she had a disease where she can’t had so much pressure.

Well, the point is, everyone had their own unlucky side, own weaknesses. The different is whether it was shown or it was hidden.

Be thankful for what u had. U might felt that you’re the most unlucky person in this world but think again. Don’t compare your life with someone’s better but compare it with someone’s worse. But it is vice versa if for study. When it comes to study, we need to compare our effort with the best not the lowest. It somehow would make us a better person.

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